Monday, May 3, 2010

☼Fantasy Land☼

Fairy Tale Dreams Tutorial
By:  Barbara Butler @ One Signature Sensation
This tut is my own creation.  Any similarities to any other is purely a coincidence

Materials Needed:  PSP any version will work.  Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow.
Tubes by sophisticated scraps season faes summer2 and 3.  You can purchase these here.   
Scrapkit:  Enchanted by Tracy   you can purchase it here
Paper6, mushroom3, unicorn2, grass, swing1, rainbow, bridge, cloud
Mask:  WSL 169
Font Used Fairydustb for name and georgia for copyright.

Let’s get started.

Step 01:  New Image 800X800.
Step 02:  Select all, copy and paste paper into selection.  Apply the mask.
Step 03:  Copy and paste the unicorn resize and place in bottom right hand corner.  Look at my tag for placement.  Colorize to your liking
Step 04:  Copy and paste the grass.  Resize and place behind the unicorn.  Colorize to your liking.
Step 05:  Copy and paste the swing.  Resize and place in the top left hand corner.  Colorize to your liking.  Use a different color so it will stand out a little.
Step 06:  Copy and paste the mushroom, resize and place behind the grass and unicorn.  Colorize to your liking.
Step 07:  Copy and paste the bridge.  Put ontop of the paper layer.  Select the paper select all invert and on the bridge layer hit the delete button on your keyboard.  Now you can colorize this if you want. 
Step 08:  Copy and paste the cloud rainbow.  Resize and place ontop of the paper layer behind the swing.  Colorize them to your liking.
Step 09:  Copy and paste tube 2.  Resize and put in front of the unicorn.
Step 10:  Now this step is optional.  If  you colorized the bridge copy and paste tube 3 and place in the bottom left hand corner. 

Add drop shadows to any of the layers.
Add copyright information and your name.
Add a gradient glow to your name and you are done.

Hope you enjoyed this tut.

This one is an example of it colorized

~~♥~~Biker Chicks~~♥~~

This was created in psp 9
Materials I used:
Scrapkit Garv Girls which you can get here.
3 Tubes of choice I used the artwork of Keith Garvey which you need a license for.  You can get it here.
Mask WSL mask55
font used:  Storybook
Colors:foreground:#fed4bd background #fa1e42
filters used gradient glow.
I came up with this myself any similarities to other tutorials is purely coincidental.

Let's Begin:  
Step1: Open new image 800x800 transparent.
Step2: Select all, open paper1 copy and paste into selection.  Apply mask merge group.
Step3:  Copy and paste frame 3, with magic wand select inside of frame expand by 5.  Copy and paste p11 as new layer selection-invert delete.  Move under frame.  Duplicate frame and paper and mirror.
Step4:  Copy and paste tube1 as new layer, resize 75%.  move under the left frame duplicate and move that one above the left frame.  with magic wand select inside of the frame expand by 10 invert and on the original tube layer hit delete.  on the duplicate tube use your eraser and delete the part that is hanging out on the bottom of the frame.  It'll look like she's coming out of the frame.  Repeat this with the second frame with another tube.
Step5:  Add the bike and position it to your liking.
Step6:  Add three more tubes and position to your liking.
Step7:  Add drop shadow
Step8:  Add your name and gradient glow
Step9:  Add copyright info.  Crop and resize, and you are done.

Hope this tut made sense.